Stuttering Resources for Teachers

Classroom tasks, and school life in general, can be quite challenging for many children who stutter. As a result, it is very important for teachers and school councillors to become familiar with stuttering, and the many ways that they can help pupils who stutter.

Hooray for Aiden can be one of the tools that a teacher can use to help young students who stutter. Once a teacher has determined that a young student wants their help to deal stuttering at school, Hooray for Aiden can be used with the pupil to spark discussion about stuttering-related issues and concerns. The issues explored in Hooray for Aiden, fear of speaking at school, fear of teasing, avoidance, emotional distress, etc. – are common to many young children who stutter.

Hooray for Aiden can also be used to reinforce positive messaging – that stuttering need not hold people back at school/in life, that it’s what you say and not how you say it that’s important…..that it’s OK to stutter! School councillors/psychologists may use the book in a similar manner, when working with young students who stutter.

Hooray for Aiden can be used, in conjunction with other resources, to teach young non-stutterers about stuttering. Pupils who stutter often benefit when those around them understand more about stuttering, and Hooray for Aiden can be a great teaching resource in this regard. Note of Caution – when there is a pupil who stutters (or a pupil with any exceptionality) in the classroom, it is not recommended that the book be read with the whole class without first checking with the pupil to ensure that it’s OK to do so. Many children, and even many adults, do not want unexpected attention drawn to them and their issues.

Hooray for Aiden can also be used as reading material for schools when teaching values such as respect, compassion, inclusion, diversity and empathy. There are many “value teaching points” within Hooray for Aiden that can be the basis for discussion, exploration and messaging.

Below are some great on-line resources for teachers and other school professionals: