Hooray for AidenHooray for Aiden is the inspirational story of how Aiden, a young girl who stutters,
overcomes her fear of speaking in front of classmates at her new school. It is a story of discovery – of Aiden’s discovery that stuttering need not hold her back in life!

Hooray for Aiden is Ideal for:

Children who Stutter (ages 4-9) and their Parents

Children with other Disabilities or Challenges

Speech-Language Pathologists

Teachers and School Counsellors/Psychologists

Anyone that Enjoys a Really Great Children’s Story!

“…the best I have read for some time in this area. I would highly recommend this book…”

“Karen Hollett writes with insight into the daily struggles of a child who stutters…”

“This is a wonderful story about stuttering from a child’s perspective. I would recommend this book for parents, teachers and speech-language pathologists…”

“Thank you for this story; it is certainly a book that I hope will be made available to SLPs, parents of children who stutter and teachers who have children who stutter in their classrooms…”

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There are many great organizations that support children who stutter, their families, and others who work with them. This page provides a list of such online resources.

Teachers and other educators play a very important role in supporting young children who stutter. This section contains some great resources to assist educators in this role.